How to Choose a Great Watermelon

How to Choose a Great WatermelonWe’ve all had watermelons that are crisp, sweet, juicy and bursting with flavor, and we’ve suffered flavorless, watery, mushy disappointments. Follow the four tips below to learn how to choose a great watermelon, and never be disappointed again!

Inspect the Surface

Examine the striped patterns on the melon’s surface. They should be consistent, and the greener stripes should have a dark shade. The lighter stripes should be a light yellow, and the surface as a whole shouldn’t be shiny, but a little dull in appearance. If it appears glossy, it’s not fully ripened. Also look for a smooth surface, avoiding those with small bumps or other surface irregularities.

Inspect the Field Spot

To locate the field spot, look for an area that appears discolored relative to the rest of the surface. This is the area that was lying on the ground while the melon was growing, and it should be a dark yellow. If it’s a lighter yellow or even whitish, it’s probably not fully ripened.

Tap on It

Tap on the melon’s surface with your knuckle. A riper fruit with more water will feel and sound a little hollow. If it feels and sounds less hollow and more dense when knocking on it, the rind is too thick and the melon only partially ripened.

Pick the Right Shape

Some watermelons are oval, and others more circular like a ball. Go with the latter if you want a sweeter melon, as oval ones tend to taste watery.

Know How to Choose a Great Watermelon & Bring Home the Best Fruit

The food pros at Stupendous Produce know how to choose a great watermelon for Seattle customers. If you want a great melon or any other kind of fruit or vegetable but don’t have time to shop for them, learn about our delivery service and how we can regularly bring the freshest locally-grown food to your doorstep. Call us with any questions you might have, or place an order today!

How to Choose a Great Watermelon and Other Fruits & Vegetables in Seattle

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