Why Washington Agriculture is a National Leading Produce Provider

Washington AgricultureWashington agriculture has long been a major player in the national farming industry. Are you curious to learn what makes this state a standout from the other 49 states? Find out why Washington has such a significant impact on the industry at a national level.

Washington Agriculture: Facts at a Glance

Just as Georgia is known for its peach production, Washington is known as a top supplier of apples, accounting for 70% of the nation’s apple production. The fruit alone also makes up a fifth of the state’s total cash receipts.

Apples aside, Washington is also a top provider of sweet cherries, providing 40% of the country’s sweet cherry acres. Here are some additional state-specific fresh produce facts:

  • The national leading provider of grapes.
  • The national leading provider of pears.
  • The second national leading provider of potatoes.

The Rich Farmlands of Washington

Pierce County alone is home to nearly 1,500 farms. Additionally, the area is also the nation’s leading rhubarb provider. The farms in Pierce County compose a good chunk of the total 37,249 farms dotting the state. These farmsteads produce various goods, including eggs, pumpkins, daffodils and more. An agritourism hotspot, the area is frequented by locals and non-locals alike.

Washington’s Agricultural Economy

From an economical perspective, the total value of Washington’s crops is valued at $3.2 billion, making it the eighth highest in the country. With industry success comes diverse employment opportunities, including packagers, drivers, etc. It has also enabled farmers to sell directly to customers through farmer’s markets, like the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Get a Delivery of Farm Fresh Goods

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Washington Agriculture at its Finest

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