How to Ripen Stone Fruit in Queen Anne

Ripening Stone Fruits in QueenYou can often get a feel for a fruit’s ripeness by gently squeezing it. When it comes to stone fruits, in particular, you may wonder if there is a way you can speed up the ripening process. Do you have to leave it to nature when waiting for fruits to ripen?

What’s Stone Fruit?

Stone fruit refers to any fruit that contains a pulp-filled shell or stone-like inner core. Examples include cherries, peaches, mangoes and lychees. There are actually ways you can enjoy these farm-fresh fruits without having to wait impatiently for them to reach full maturity. It mainly comes down to how you store your fruits.

Storage Temperature

You can speed up the ripening time by storing stone fruits at room temperature. Ideally, store them out in the open and not inside a pantry or cupboard, so they’re exposed to some sunlight. However, it’s best not to store fruits directly in the path of the sun’s rays, as this may make them mushy. When storing fruits at room temperature and not in the fridge, you can expect peak ripeness within two to three days.

The Paper Bag Method

Alternatively, you can store the fruits inside a brown paper lunch bag. Fruits emit ethylene gas as they ripen. When you store the fruits in a bag, this traps the gas and keeps out moisture, hastening the ripening process. Here’s a secret trick: throw a few apples and/or bananas in the bag. These two fruits produce high levels of ethylene gas and will help the stone fruits inside mature more quickly.

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