Sweet Cherries and Tart Cherries in Newcastle: What’s the Difference?

Stupendous Produce Newcastle sweet cherries and tart cherriesThere are multiple varieties of cherries. However, sweet cherries and tart cherries are what most people are familiar with. What’s the difference other than one being sweet and the other being sour? 

Sweet Cherries

Most people prefer sweet cherries because they’re, well, sweet. They’re a summer favorite and a high-demand farm-fresh produce item this time of year. You can distinguish sweet cherries by these characteristics:

  • They’re more heart-shaped
  • They have a pronounced line that splits the center
  • Have a firmer and thicker pulp
  • The inner pulp is yellowish

With their soft texture, sweet cherries are great for consuming as is or as a topping for salads and yogurt. Children love them as well, and parents can feed them to their kids by first removing the stem and pit. 

Tart Cherries

Tart cherries are smaller than their sweet counterpart and have a darker surface. They’re also rounder in shape. Despite the sour taste, this fruit is great for cooking and adding to savory dishes. Recent studies have also linked tart cherry juice to multiple health benefits. Studies suggest that these cherries:

  • Are a rich source of boron for strong bone health
  • Are a good source of the antioxidant anthocyanins, known to combat inflammation
  • Are a high source of flavonoids that promote heart health

For an excellent health tonic, we recommend adding tart cherries with a medley of other fruits to incorporate into an icy smoothie. This makes for a wonderful summertime treat.

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