Fresh Fruits and Vegetables FAQs

What are my options?

  • Full Fruit – $25. Good for 2 fruit lovers or a family of four.
  • Half Fruit – $15. Typically same varieties as ‘Full Fruit”, just lower quantity.
  • Staple Veggie – $10. We rotate through the basics — potatoes, onions, garlic, broccoli, carrots, etc.
  • Market Veggie – $15. Everything from the ‘Staple Veggies’ PLUS seasonal oddities.
  • Steibrs Eggs – $8 per dozen.

Is your produce organic?

No. We prioritize product quality first and foremost, and conventional produce offers slightly more opportunity to deliver what’s in season, most fresh, and best tasting now. When there’s comparable quality, STU! will favor organic options which are frequently included in regular orders.

How often do you deliver?

Fresh Local Fruits and Vegetables FAQs - Only the Very Top QualityWe deliver weekly, every other week or monthly, with deliveries to some areas outside King County restricted to every other week. Cancel or suspend your deliveries anytime for any length of time – there are no contracts to worry about.

What about billing?

​We bill the Friday after your delivery, giving you a day or two to unpack your order and look over the product. Since quality is paramount, we want you to email us if you receive any produce that’s not up to your standards. This rarely happens, and when it does we’ll gladly credit your account appropriately. It’s all about quality for us!

Can I customize my order?

Yes. We can withhold any item from your order, but inventory is limited to what’s ordered for that specific week, so adding things is dependent on availability. We prioritize excellent customer service as highly as quality control, so we do everything we can to fulfill your requests.

Do you offer anything other than produce?

While fruits and vegetables are our main offering, we also deliver ‘pasture’ eggs directly from Steibrs Farms in Yelm. ‘Pasture’ means Steibrs maintains the highest quality of life possible for their chickens. While ‘cage-free’ eggs are produced from ‘humane’ conditions, those chickens still live in an open-air barn that keeps them from the sun for most or all of their lives. Steibrs eggs come from chickens that roam free over a 1,000 acre local farm and are fed a 100% organic diet.

Are Your Prices Higher Than the Supermarket?

Seattle Area Fresh Local Fruits and Vegetables FAQsOnly slightly, because we buy only the highest quality product available. For example, the USDA grades apples across four scales based on color, size, sugar density and other factors. Washington, the Apple State of America, has created two additional quality grades above the top USDA standard, and we do our best to source the product at the highest Washington standard. (WA XTRA FANCY 64 ct. or larger.) If you like, you can geek out over apples like we do here.

While we don’t match the pricing of corporate conglomerates, we absolutely make sure you get high value for your dollar. Our high quality products are double and triple checked by STU! himself before going out for delivery, and backed by issuing credits for products that aren’t up to your standards. We trust our clients as they trust us, so no picture or proof is required.

Fresh Local Fruits and Vegetables FAQs – Only Very Top Quality

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