Fresh Fruit, Vegetable and Egg Delivery in King & Snohomish Counties

Fresh & Local Fruit, Vegetable and Egg Delivery in Seattle, Innis Arden, Magnolia, and Queen AnneIf you desire to eat better, support local farmers and lower your personal carbon footprint, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to source local farm-fresh produce and eggs from Washington farms, delivered farm-fresh to you with no stops in between. (When necessary to meet customer demand, we’ll acquire produce from farms further away if enough top-quality produce isn’t available locally.) The end result is weekly, bi-weekly or monthly fruit, vegetable and egg delivery to Puget Sound area households, with far less time between the farm and your table. It’s all about high-quality food, greater health, and supporting the local community.

Weekly Fruit, Vegetable, and Egg Delivery Options

Whether you make a one-time purchase or want regular service, you can mix and match from a wide selection of packages.

  • Full Fruit – $25. Good for 2 fruit lovers or a family of four.
  • Half Fruit – $15. Typically same varieties as above, just less quantity.
  • Staple Veggie – $10. We rotate through the basics; potatoes, onions, garlic, broccoli, carrots, etc.
  • Market Veggie – $15. Everything from the ‘Staple Veggies’ PLUS seasonal oddities.
  • Steibrs Eggs – $8 per dozen
  • Delivery Fee in Seattle City Limits – $5
  • Delivery Fee Outside City Limits – $6

While our weekly fruit, vegetable and egg delivery option ensures fresh fruit and veggies all month long, we also deliver on an every-other-week or monthly basis. The weekly option is available within most of King County, with some other areas limited to every other week or monthly delivery at this time.

Better Lives, Better Eggs – Local Farm-Fresh Eggs from Happy Hens

While fruits and vegetables are our main offering, we also deliver ‘pasture’ eggs directly from Steibrs Farms in Yelm. ‘Pasture’ means Steibrs maintains the highest quality of life possible for their chickens. While ‘cage-free’ eggs are produced in ‘humane’ conditions, those chickens still live in an open-air barn that keeps them from the sun for most or all of their lives. Steibrs chickens roam free over a 1,000-acre local farm and are fed a 100% organic diet.

Begin Your Healthy Eating Habits Today!

The end result is weekly fruit, vegetable and egg delivery to Seattle-area households with far less time and trucking between the farm and your table.

With a nice assortment of locally-grown food options and delivery frequencies, we’re confident we can suit your family’s dietary needs. Find out who we are and why we provide the services we do, then contact us with any questions or place your first order. Weekly fruit vegetable and egg delivery is the first step to a more healthy, vibrant, and locally sustainable lifestyle.

Weekly Fruit, Vegetable and Egg Delivery Straight from Local Farms to Your Seattle-area Doorstep

Serving Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, Marysville, Shoreline, Mill Creek, Mercer Island, Newcastle, Kent, Federal Way, and all of King and Snohomish Counties!